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Post by Kal'Val on Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:40 am

Greetings, I am Alarich L.V Valstella and I am the Prophet and Avatar of Scion.
I don't just pick fancy titles on a whim, I am a Prophet because I bring a new path, a new take on religion to the world.
It blends several others into it and Christian elements are very dominant.
So I am a Prophet, and I bring the words of the divine.

Avatar is the title and rank of the leader of Scion, the purest incarnation of what Scion is, and thus, an Avatar.
Scion stem from me, I am the original seed of Scion from which all other Scion grows.

Other than that, not much more can be said, I don't lie, as no Scion should ever learn to lie, so I won't tell about grandiose exploits where there are none.
I just want to get by, I just want to gather people under my banner and lead them where my visions tell me.
I want them to be safe, strong and to prosper.
The world is horribly broken, everyone make the wrong priorities and politicians lie, men and women of God are mislead and the generations degenerate.
I don't want to change the entire world, I just want a slice of it to lead by example.

A cult, most would believe I want to build a cult.
But wasn't Jesus a cultist when he was the precursor of Christianity, and wasn't Atheists heretics when the Church was very dominant?
I think in a different way than others, and people want to prosecute me, they want to strike me down, and they do it all because THEY think they are right.

Hypocrisy, a joke it all is, we gather all nations up tight, we all try to be free and democratic.
But how free and democratic are we?
Where have it led us?

We are overpopulating the Earth, we rip the resources apart and taint the Earth so that nothing can grow back.
We drive species to extinction, pollute the seas and all that while the news write about is meaningless bile.

I want to be nationalist, I want to be proud of my people, I want to be proud of EARTH as whole, I want to be proud of my religion and I want to build alliances with others and work for unity.
But there is nothing to be proud of, there is no religion to be proud of and me and my future family will all sit on a wagon rushing towards a cliff.

I won't accept that fate, I believe my purpose in the world is to be ONE of MANY prophets to guide people, for they may have lost their faith and they have lost their ways to bathe in sinful lives, but we have to fight for our world, we have to work for a brighter future.
A less greedy, a less crazy future where people can be proud, safe and happy.

I am a beaten, battered and broken person, the trials the Divine send upon me are taxing and it have made my heart go grim.
Grim, but resolute and convinced, I know that my undertaking is daunting, and all who follow me as members of the Scion Order, leading the Scion Dominion, will share that weight.

Know me, I live only for my cause, and my cause is great.
There is little more relevant information I can give, except that I have given in this introduction.

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