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Post by Kal'Val on Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:05 am

Few are Scion material, despite the fact that we are so many on this planet and that Scion really want to give people chances.
That is why I am going to put out some rules specific for this part of the forum, so that you know what is coming if you commit to all the worst and dumbest actions.

First of all, this forum exist in case you have questions or otherwise about what Scion is about and what it means to join us.
It also exist in case you want to mingle and chat with others, as the only one who can approve your posts is me, and I am a very busy man who may take weeks off from the forum.

Scion are very formal, as we are steady, and in case you are unsuitable to join us, you will be notified about it.
The more effort you put into joining, the greater chance you have of joining.

Also, if you join only to start a fight on the will be deleted the moment you are spotted and your account will be permanently banned immediately.
Be aware, that this is only when people clearly act on malice, and not in heated debates that may or may not occur on the boards.

That should be all, be sure to read the rules section.
Otherwise, I wish you a pleasant stay.

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